About NLGN

NLGN built a general, support function perfect, high performance, easy to use, user experience is good, extensible, users earn income play chain game mode.

Product positioning

In the NLGN chain tour mode, the perfect integration of DeFi and NFT is realized. In other words, NLGN presents financial products in the form of games, gamifies DeFi applications, and combines DeFi and games through NFT to form the GameFi system (integrating financial products into game ecology).

Economic Model

NLGN will initially issue 100,000,000 pieces, with 3% commission fee, 1% cash bonus and 2% community bonus.

NLGN tokens will provide a vehicle of value for NLGN eco-applications, driving the game to connect with the network, making network connections more relevant and valuable by bringing people, processes, data and things together. After NLGN tokens are launched on major global mainstream exchanges, the value and price will increase, and user revenue will continue to increase.

Purchase guide

NLGN can trade through pancakes. Later, coins can also be found on large trading platforms.

Zero transaction tax on sales, (sliding 0)

Beginner's Guide

  • Create metamask Wallet

    Create a metamask wallet using a desktop computer or IOS / Android mobile device. This will allow you to buy, sell, send and receive NLGN.

  • Send BNB to your wallet

    You can purchase BSC directly on metamask or transfer it to metamask wallet from binance and other exchanges. When transferring BNB, make sure to use bep-20 network.

  • Connect your wallet to the pancake exchange

    Access the wallet to pancakeswap by clicking connect to wallet and selecting metamask.

  • Exchange BNB for NLGN

    Once you have BNB, you can start exchanging! Press "select token", enter the token address or search in the token list.

Contract Address



2022 Q4

PC terminal, WE terminal and mobile terminal are officially launched
Official website online
Token go online
NLGN game network internal test

2023 Q2

NLGN Ping Taiwan Dollar planning
Global node planning
Online DEXNFT mining
Start the global server

2023 Q4

Enable NLGN ecological scenario
NLGN Incubation platform was established

2023 Q1

User side scenario optimization
The main network was officially launched
To establish the NLGN Foundation
Convened by NLGN City partners
NLGN main network online
NFT online

2023 Q3

Equity shareholder system of assets
Covering multi-dimensional network smart contract platform
Realize multi-chain interaction
Complete the multi-chain payment tool system.